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from the river. Champlain, in wise distrust of Ottawa cookery, confined himself to the si

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mpler and less doubtful viands. A few minutes, and all alike had vanished. The kettles were


empty. Then pipes were filled and touched with fire brought in by the squaws, while the yo

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ung men who had stood thronged about the entrance now modestly withdrew, and the door was

Finibus Bonorum et Malorum

closed for counsel. First, the pipes were passed to Champlain. Then, for full half an hour, the assembly smoked in silence. At length, when the fitting time was come, he addressed them in a speech in which he declared, that, moved by affection for them, he visited their country to see its richness and its beauty, and to aid them in their wars; and he now begged them to furnish him with four canoes and eight men, to convey him to

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the country of the Nipissings, a tribe dwelling northward on the lake which bears their name. His audience looked grave, for they were but cold and jealous friends of the Nipissings. For a time they discoursed in murmuring tones among themselves, all smoking meanwhile with redoubled vigor. Then Tessouat, chief of these forest